Parents rent Trakidwristbandsat the park and download the app.

Real-time location

TraKid App gives you a real-time location of your child, anywhere in a crowded park.

Park security

The App also lets you easily communicate with park security to reunite with your child in case they are too far away.

Taking it to the next level!

Helping You Make Data-Driven Decisions

The TraKid package provides parks with the analytical capabilities needed to acquire priceless business insight. Using this actionable analytical data, you will be able to make more informed park decisions, and figure out what works best for your park, and truly understand what is going on within your park.

TraKid allows you to


Make the lives of Security Guards easier by providing an efficient, technology driven solution to children being reported lost on park premises


Minimize contact between park guests and park security when a child is missing


Increase revenue from “extra charge products” without deterring attendance


Improve efficiency and increase profitability for Park Operations through data analytics, and increase visitor engagement inside of the park


Empowering Parents To Deal With Their ProblemsFree up park staff!

The number one thing on parent’s minds when they attend an amusement park is safety, and keeping children safe and easily accessible will provide peace of mind. With the TraKid app, parents will be learn the location of their children at a moments notice. Because parents are able to track their child, the likelihood of that child becoming lost reduces significantly, which frees up park staff and resources. By providing this increased freedom to parents, they will further immerse themselves in the fun of the park which can further increase profits.

TraKid also provides parks with geofencing capabilities which allows parents to be alerted the second their children leave the premises.

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So How Does TraKid Really Help You?
With a simple tracking bracelet and mobile app, a world of fun awaits!

Provide deep and valuable analytics to further enhance your park

Enable amusement parks in the United States with solutions to provide worry-free experiences to parents with small children, allowing them to enjoy the immersive, fun, and memorable experience.

Provide peace of mind for guardians through real-time location information of their children

Lessen the burden and liability of Park Security by reducing the number of reported lost children

Fun facts about TraKid
  • Our product is made in the USA
  • We operate anywhere in the U.S. and setup within 90 days, free of charge
  • Our products are made by CEA Manufacturing
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