Our story

When Brandon Kashani, our founder and CEO, traveled to his first amusement park to meet with the park’s Operations Manager, he believed the meeting was to gather research on an ongoing project for an entrepreneurship class. To his surprise, he walked into a room full of executives.

What started as a class project quickly became something more. Brandon learned that up to 50 children are lost each day in the top 400 amusement parks during their off season. This meeting made him realize that lost kids are a real problem parks face and he had just found a solution.

TraKid is a way to give parents peace of mind and the ability to instantly find their child. Putting the power into parents hands means park security is only alerted when there is an emergency. While our product is being used, TraKid gathers anonymous data that decision makers can use in their parks to keep kids safe.

At TraKid, we believe in helping create a more enjoyable and efficient theme park experience for parks and parents. Founded in 2019 by an engineering student and a few dedicated parents and entrepreneurs, our mission has been to provide parents with technology that allows them to stay connected to their kids while enjoying their favorite park. We want to make our partner parks more efficient and give our TraKid users peace of mind.

TraKid puts the power in parents’ hands by giving them an immediate and effective way to find their child in even the most crowded park setting. This way, a security guard will only get involved when it is absolutely necessary. For the parks, our bands collect anonymous, actionable data to provide insights into the behavior of park attendees.

Our team is composed of parents and siblings who have all experienced that gut-wrenching moment when your little one is not where you thought they would be. We believe in the value of having peace of mind.

out of 10 parents agree

8 out of 10 moms say that they would rent TraKid for a worry-free day at the park!

million people visit

Over 500 million people visit theme parks every year, most of them are kids.

Parks in the US

There are over 150 theme parks in the US alone that TraKid can support.

Meet our team

We are a team of parents and siblings who are dedicated to our mission: to prevent the separation of parents from their children.

Brandon Kashani

Founder & CEO

Zac Penix


Steve Yauch


Anna Torres

Head of Customer Success

Madison Fournier

Head of Marketing and PR

Patrik Lilja

Electrical Engineer

Gerald O'Docharty

Embedded Software Engineer

Rob McCraw

Full Stack Developer

Dylan Anderson

iOS Developer

Shaun Simmons

Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer