Stay Together.

Have Fun.

TraKid keeps parents connected with their kids, giving them peace of mind so they can just enjoy their visit to their favorite park. We help park staff quickly reunite a lost child with their parent.

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Created for everyone

We created TraKid to make sure everyone enjoys their park experience.

We make sure the memories you make are ones you’ll love forever.

For the kids

TraKid is designed to give the most lightweight, comfortable fit for kids of all ages. Breakaway features protect kids in any situation and make sure safety is a priority.

For the parent

TraKid is made by parents, for parents. The TraKid App has a simple interface so you can find your kids with the push of a button. With our app, parents can access the location of their child in real time, anywhere in the park.

For the park

Parks generate revenue by renting TraKid to customers, giving them a fast solution to reunite parents who are separated from their children. Using behavior analytics TraKid can provide data to make operations more efficient.

Mobile App that keeps you connected

TraKid App gives you a real-time location of your child, anywhere in a crowded park. The App also lets you easily communicate with park security to reunite with your child in case they are too far away.

Technical Specs

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